Friday, June 4, 2010

Wise Decision Making

oppss...singgah jap 
heheh. sungguh lama xupdate pape..I even forgot the password! lol.
Well, life's getting tougher..since dah abes study, there's so many things to consider..susah! sesah! sesak jugak wonder they say being in school or being a kid is the bestest part! no need to worry and think of so many things..Talkin about life, i remember this one story of Adam and Eve..Most of us are familiar with the story of “original sin.”  Adam and Eve in the perfect Garden of Eden…the serpent-tempter shows up…Eve caves to the temptation and eats a piece of fruit…then, bammo!  Condemnation to eternal death!
Sounds a little harsh, doesn’t it? 
What would make Adam and Eve’s rule-breaking so egregious that it warranted capital punishment, not only for them, but for all their descendents?
so,..see how a certain decision made life a total lotsa different???
Scary? yes it is..