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Task 3 : WWW Lesson Plan


WWW Lesson Plan :(10% + 5%)

Form : 2 Perdana

Level: Beginner

Time: Double-period class (90 minutes)

Theme: People
Topic: 'Capoeira Dance'.
Educational Emphases:
1. Learning How to Learn.
2.Thinking Skills
3. Knowledge Acquisition.

Aims: At the end of the class, students should be able to:
1. Find the information on the World Wide Web reagrding the topic; 'Capoeira Dance'.
2. Pronoun the word; 'Capoeira' in the right way.
3. Identify Verbs and Nouns based on the text.
4. Answer 7 open-ended questions.

Technical Requirements:
1. Fully functioning computers with internet access to the World Wide Web and the web browser.
2. Projector.


1. Teacher makes sure that all the computers are switched on with an internet connection.
2. Teacher saved the prepared task sheets in every computer. (onto the desktop)


Pre-Activity Stage (10 minutes)

1. Students greet the teacher.
2. Each computers are shared in pairs.
3. Teacher makes sure students are ready and settled down before starting the lesson.
4. Teacher asks the students to go to the web browser on their computer, and search for youtube links. Teacher shows a video clip regarding the topic of the day from the youtube and provides the link of the video clip to the students .

5. Teacher cultivates responds from the students, asking them on their schemata about the dance in the video clip.

6. Teacher tells the class that it is called 'Capoeira Dance'.
Activity 1 (10 minutes)

1. Teacher asks the students whether they know how to pronoun 'Capoeira', and asks few volunteers to give it a try.
2. Teacher introduces the web browser of Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary to find the right pronunciation as well as basic meaning of the any word.
3.Teacher asks students to go to this address: to get to know the right pronunciation of the word 'Capoeira'.
4. Students make themselves familiar and used to the application, teacher allows them to explore other links regarding the functions of the online dictionary/ websites provided.

Activity 2 (15 minutes)

1. Then, using the web browser, teacher asks students to find some information about the dance. A possible websites about the dance could be reached at
2. Teacher provides the students 10 minutes to do the internet searching and find the information.
3. Then, an open discussion will be held by which students are requested to present the information and knowledge they found with the class.
4. Based on the same topic, teacher incorporates the lesson on parts of speech; Noun and Verb. Students are required to go to this websites:
5.Teacher and students discuss on both parts of speech,students are required to promt any questions that they did not understand before the teacher asks them to proceed with the tasks. (have been placed on the desktop of each computers)
6. Students work in pairs, dragging all the right answers to be put under the right category. (15 minutes time allocated for this task)
7. Class discussion of the answers.

Activity 3 ( 15 minutes: Crossword Puzzles)

1. Then, based on the same text given students are assigned the second task on a Crossword Puzzles based on the topic and regarding the parts of speech they have just learnt.
2. The students are given clues of pictures and categories of part of speech (either noun or verb).
3. The task is to be done in pairs and can be derived from the desktop of each computers.
4. Discussion of the findings.

Activity 4 ( 15 minutes: Comprehension Questions).

1. Teacher instructs the students to open the third file on their desktop as their 3rd task.
2. The students are required to answer all the questions with the same partners in which the questions have been placed similarly onto the desktop by the teachers.
3. Teacher monitors the students with their work and provide guidance when necessary.
4. 15 minutes time allocation will be given to complete this task.
5. Then, whole class discussion on the task.

Conclusion ( 5 minutes)

1. Teacher asks few volunteers to conclude the lesson.
2. Teacher then wraps the whole session and tells the students that they can utilize the use of internet either to find information or find meaning (using online dictionary) in their learning.

Follow- up Activity ( 3 minutes)
1. For the follow- up activity, teacher assigned the students to find more information from the internet on what have been learnt from the class to be used in the next writing class. ( blog writing)
*(Teacher suggests some links where students can get more information apart from their own searching)


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